Cost Of Water Heater Installation In America

Installing a water heater in America is a lengthy yet a costly process.  There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when installing a water heater at your place. You will have to first measure the space available. Then you will have to disconnect the old heater and put in the new heater at place.  But before all of this, you need to know that what will be the water heater installation cost.  Before you go out in the market and buy a new heater, you will have to know that how much it will actually cost you with the installation.

Radiator Part of Water heater

Radiator Part of Water heater

On average, a water heater of a moderate quality costs around $306 and a heater with a high quality costs around $450. You can get a heater of more than $400 as well but the heaters lie in this range on average.  Then comes the cost of labor that is the cost to replace the water heater. This usually costs within a range of $250 to $270 and the labor takes 5 hours to work.

The supplies and material costs are in the range of $39 to $42. This range includes the cost of the materials that are needed to replace the water heater. The materials include fittings, connectors and mounting hardware.  These things are essential and should be of high quality, as they are needed to put the base of the heater.

Therefore, the total cost of installing a water heater in America is around $620 to $800. The prices depend on the quality of labor, heater and materials chosen by you. This cost estimate takes into several things like the costs of local supplies, delivery of the equipment to and from the site.

The cost estimate does not include things like the contractor fees for supervising the work. This will add around 12% to the total cost mentioned above if there is a contractor supervising the work. The sales tax on supplies and materials is also included in the above-mentioned costs.

By adding up all of these costs, your heater installation will cost around $800. This could again vary if you have chosen a high quality heater and high quality materials.

Make sure that when you are getting the heater installed, you have taken all the precautionary steps like shutting down the main power or gas power. Also, make sure that you have drained out the water of the old heater completely and then removed it. To drain out the water from the old heater, connect the pipes on the opening of the heater and drain the water on a sink or a floor wherever feasible. Leave appropriate space for the new heater, as there could be a possibility that the new heater will be asking for more size. The height should be at least 30 inches or more so that new heater adjusts accordingly.  The total charges of water heater installation will be the one mentioned above if you buy things from a reputed brand.

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