Electric Water Heater Or Gas Water Heater: Why Choose Electric Heaters

Unknown to many individuals, you will never realize the importance of having a mechanism for heating water in your home until you get into the shower and the water if freezing cold. Once you make the decision to look for system to heat their water, the next crucial decision you will have to make is which type to install.
Currently, there are several types of heaters in the market for you to choose from. There are solar gas, and electric heaters. According to sale statistics, more people tend to prefer those depending on electricity, rather than gas and solar water heaters. Here’s why:

This is by far one of the leading reasons as to why countless home owners opt for an electric heater. With it, you significantly lower the risk of any explosions resulting from leaking gas. Moreover, the damage caused by an explosion is far much greater than that caused by an electric malfunction.

Installation Of Timers
One of the greatest attraction to electric water heaters is the ability to install a timer which cuts off the electric power to the tank at pre-determined times of the day. This is of importance as with the surging prices of electricity, you will be able to cut down on unnecessary bills resulting from the use of the system.

Lower Installation Costs
With a gas heater, most home owners have had to come up with effective easy of venting out the exhaust gas from the heater. This translates to extra costs of installation as you will have to run high quality PVC pipes across your house and out the roof. With the electric water heater, there is no need to cut holes into your home, all you need to do is to do some wiring and install a special outlet.

Space Factor
Systems using gas typically require large spaces for installation. This means you will require anything from 7 — 15 feet of ventilation on all sides as well as on the top side. This is a disadvantage as it means if you have a small space, you will be unable to use this kind of a heater. On the other hand, there are currently electric heaters which are small enough to fit underneath your sink.

Dependency On Electricity
Long gone are the days when the best sells pitch you could get on a gas heater was that you can use it even when the power goes off. This is because these contraptions have undergone slight modification and now, their starters for ignition depend entirely on electricity. Why go through all the hustle when you could have gotten a fully functional electric heater in the first place.

This is where the split is totally clear. When you combine every single expense, from purchasing, installing, running and maintaining, an electric heater are way far much cheaper than compared to its ache enemy, the gas water heater. In the end, you need to analyze your situation before making a final decision on which heater you are going to purchase, so as to avoid getting disappointed.