Follow These Instructions When Installing A Water Heater

Water heaters are a must thing to have if you want to have a hot water bath. Bathing with hot water is great as it relaxes your body and muscles to the fullest and get fresh when you are done with the bath. If you are replacing your existing water heater or buying a new one, then you need to know the water heater installation instructions before you buy one.

Firstly, you will need to determine that how much space you will need to place your water heater. A typical installation needs about 2 foot clearance around the heater and 30 inches of height.

Decide the location and type of the existing plumbing connections and measure the distance between the cold and hot pipes. Matching these things with the new heater will make it easy for you to install.

Once you have bought the new one, then you should turn off the shutoff valve of the old water heater or the cold water. Turn off the circuit breaker and disconnect the source of the fuel. You can also shut down the supply of gas at the main valve or the tank.

Then drain the water of the old heater and then connect a pipe to the drain valve of the heater. Place the open end of the pipe where the water can drain easily on a floor or a sink. Then open the hot water valve and release the water slowly so that sediment does not block it. This way you will be able to drain out the water from the old heater easily. Be very careful when draining out water in a sink and do it slowly so that water does not flow out of the sink.

With the help of a pipe wrench, remove the water pipes of the heater. Disconnect the electrical service or the gas pipe from the heater and remove the gas flue. This way you will be able to detach the old water heater completely.

Then ask your friend to help you in removing the old heater. It is too heavy in weight for one person to remove it.  Make sure that the floor is completely dry before you move the new heater in the place. Then line up the plumbing fixtures along with the new water heater connections and make sure of one thing that the unit should be in level.

Now install the valve of pressure relief and connect the water lines back. With the use of Teflon tape, seal the copper connections and make use of galvanized fittings or joint compound.

Reattach the gas pipe or the electrical wires to the new heater. Set the temperature of the thermostat between 110 to 130 degrees and switch it on.

Following these water heater fitting directions, you will be able to install your water heater with ease and without paying any one extra cost. Be careful with every step mentioned above as negligence in any instruction can cause some great damage. Also, make sure that the space you estimated should be accurate as the new heater should have some space.


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