General Problems Of Gas And Electric Water Heater

Water heater problems that are common can be fixed easily in either a gas or electric water heater. You do not need to replace it completely to get rid of the problem.  There are certain general  problems that you should know.

Portable tankless water heater

Portable tankless water heater

A very common problem in both the electric and gas water heater is of no hot water.  If this problem occurs in the gas water heater, then inspect the pilot light and check that whether the light is on or not.  If the light is one, then there might be a problem in the gas thermocouple and will require replacement.  If the pilot turns off every time, then the pilot control valve may be faulty.  If this problem occurs in an electric water heater, the electric heating function or the thermostat might be faulty and will require replacement.

Another general problem is of rusty water. Water heaters usually consist of an anode rod.  The rod gradually dissolves to stop the rust from containing inside the tank. When the rod stops working, the rust comes in the water. This issue can be fixed by the replacing the rod.

Smelly water is another in gas and electric water heaters.  If the water smells like rotten eggs, then there is a bacterial infection in the tank. The hydrogen gas released by the anode rod causes these bacteria.  To solve the problem, drain out all the water from the tank and the refill it with hydrogen peroxide solution. Let the solution stay in the tank for about 2 hours and then refill the tank with water. If the problem still stays, then simply replace the anode rod with the Zinc anode rod.

If you hear popping noises in the shower, then it also one common problem in the gas and electric water heaters.  This is caused by the excessive amount of sediment built in the tank in the bottom and causes the water to boil.  To solve the issue, flush the water of out tank and then refill the water. Also, inspect the water softener condition.   On electric heaters, noises can occur because of sediment being built up on the heating element.

Water leaking is the most common form of problem occurring in the water heaters. The pressure can cause this and temperature relief valve might be releasing more amount of water because of excess heating.  Reduce the setting of the thermostat and check if it stops the leakage.  If the leakage does not stop, then consider replacing the valve.

You should know these hot water furnace problems definitely and you should know how to fix them.  This will save you time and money and will not require you to replace the entire unit. If there is any hole in the tank, then it is necessary to replace the tank. If the problems continue to persist, then you will need to call the professionals.