Guide About Installation Of Hot Water Heater, Repair And Cost

When installing a new hot water heater, the first thing you will have to consider is the available space.

  • Decide the space you will require to install. It would take usually 2 foot of width and around 25 to 30 inches of height for the water heater fixing.
  • Turn off the valve of the previous heater and turn off the main power or the source of fuel.  Flush out the water of the old heater easily. This is necessary so that you can remove the heater easily. Make sure you flush out the water in a place where it is safe to do so.


  • Detach the water pipes by using a pipe wrench and then gas pipe or the electrical service from the heater. This is the last step to remove the old heater.

Then get the new heater installed with the help of the professionals. If you are doing it yourself then do it with a help of another person. Then fix the plumbing fixtures back to the new heater and make sure that the power is shutoff.

  • Reconnect the water lines and install pressure valve.  Reconnect the electrical power or gas pipe and start the heater.  This way you will be able to install the new heater easily.

Now comes the repair part. Usually there are common problems that occur in electric and gas heaters. At times, they need replacement and at times, you can fix them.  The problem of shortage of water can occur and can be caused because of the pilot light or thermocouple in the gas heaters.  If any of these has any problem, then they have to be replaced.  In electric water heaters, the thermostat can cause the shortage of hot water and if the thermostat is having problem, then it will have to be replaced.

Problem of rusty water can also occur in water heaters.  The malfunctioning of the anade rod in the heaters causes this. It can be solved by simply getting the rod replaced.

Leakage problem in the water heater can be caused by the leakage either in the flex lines or in drain valve. Both of the issues can be solved by either capping them or replacing them.

The total cost of the hot water heaters installation  are usually in the range of $500 to $800. This cost includes the amount of the heater that has a cost of around $400. Then the labor cost that is of usually $250 and the materials cost that is usually starting from $30.  The cost can vary in terms of quality you select.

With the help of this water furnace installation guide, you can easily install the heater and know about the repair and the cost. Therefore, before you buy a new water heater, know all of the things mentioned above and then buy a new heater and install it.