Home Depot Have A Good Collection Of Gas Water Heaters

Water heaters are an essential appliance especially for the residents of places with cooler climates. Be it dish washing, laundry or taking a nice hot water bath, you need to have one of these. The Home Depot is a place where you can find a wide range of appliances for household needs, improvement as well as decor and amongst these, the variety of water heating units offered is vast as well.

There are different types of heaters available in the market and they come with different features and different technologies. Home Depot heaters include all kinds. They have the conventional tank heaters and the newly introduced tankless ones too. Side by side, there is the choice of either gas or electricity as fuel to run these heaters. Gas heaters have a slight edge over the latter because they are more economical and for most areas in the US, the same quantity of water will be heated at a three times lower cost with gas than electricity. The heaters that run on gas are always installed outdoors for safety precautions. Although it requires a little more investment at the start, the operating cost is incredibly cheap. Another plus point for these gas heaters is that they are unaffected by power outages.

Home Depot water heaters of the traditional tank style are those that store water. These are more economical to invest in. There is whole range of top brands who are selling their gas water heaters at the Home Depot. The residential gas products from GE, Richmond, Hotpoint and other top sellers can all be found within a range of $250USD to $800USD. The tankless model of these heaters have a heat exchange system with coils which heats water when it flows through it. Therefore, they do not have a storage tank with them. These are a good option because of their high energy efficiency but they do have a higher investment cost. Also, these heaters require periodical ventilation for proper functioning. High quality products from the top seller Rheem are readily available within a range of $800USD to $2000USD.

There is also a choice of either having a points of use system or a whole house system for water heating. At Home Depot you have an option to pick from those choices as well. Additionally, another option of forms of gas water heating units is the quantity or capacity. You obviously want a heater that will supply ample amount warm water to your house. So you need to consider this factor before buying a heater. For heaters with tanks, 1 bathroom will require 30gallons , 2 bathrooms will require 50gallons and 3 bathrooms 60 to 80gallons capacity on average. This also depends on the number of people using the appliance. Determining how much capacity is required with a tankless one, a little calculation of flow rate is needed to conclude how much water is needed at your house. This is calculated in gpm(gallons per minute) according to your usage and the temperature rise. At Home Depot, tankless gas water heating units are available within a range of 2gpm to 4gpm at 77 degree Fahrenheit rise of temperature.

Therefore, all the above attributes and choices are offered in gas water heaters available at the Home Depot.

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