How Can stop Water Heater to Leaking From Top and Bottom

Fixing a water leakage can range from being very easy to almost impossible. Although most people think that replacing the entire  heating system is the solution to the problem but it is not so. There are several components attached to this thing which make it look like as if the tank itself is leaking. For this reason, it is very important to check your heater thoroughly to know where the real problem is. When you replace the it’s broken part it will not only fix the leak but will also extend the life of your unit. Here are some ways to know where the water heater leaking is coming from and how can you fix it. Let’s begin:

Flex Lines

The first place you should check has the plumbing been done properly. When a drip is above, it can easily make way downwards making it look as if the tank itself is leaking. For this reason it is always important to check the upper area first. Also, pay close attention to the flex lines which are inserted into the furnace. These flexes can go really bad and require a replacement. In case there is any insulation on close to the flex lines, remove it so you can do the inspection properly. However when you check the flexes, first shut off the water supply.

Water Nipples

The water heater nipple present on the top can be another place where the leak has occurred. Since the threads of the water nipples are thin, it is common to find them leaking. It is difficult to differentiate if the flex lines are leaking or the water nipple is, however if you have already fixed the flex lines then the water nipple may be where the problem lies.

Relief Line

The next thing to check is the T and P (temperature and pressure) valve. If your water warmer is leaking at this point, it can be a serious issue to deal with. This may require a replacement of the T and P valve. When replacing the parts, always make sure that the hot water and pressure are both turned off. However, if the problem still persists, the next thing to do is to call a professional expert who can fix the issue for you.

Drain Line

If your drain line is leaking, you should not worry for it is the most common issue with these warmers. However that does not mean that it does not need to be fixed. For this you will need to drain the water tank. There are two ways how you can fix this issue. Either cap the drain with a hose cap or  replace the drain valve completely. If you are looking to remove the valve, shut off the hot water first and drain it in order to remove the valve.

Many times you may not find the leak anywhere in the above mentioned places which is when you may need to replace your entire unit. If you do not want to fix the issue yourself you can also hire a professional to resolve the water heater leaking problem for you. Although it is a simple device and it may be hard to explain how it works or what needs to be fixed.

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