How Much It Cost to Repair A Water Heater

When installing a water heater, not everyone is aware of what goes into the repair and maintenance of it. However you should know that maintaining a heater is important and so are its repairs and replacement where necessary. In case you leave your unit without proper care for long, you may face the need to buy a whole new heater which means more expenses coming your way. In order to avoid this, below is a brief description on how water heater refurbish cost can be estimated. The cost you will need to incur largely depends on the nature of the part which has gone bad.

Fitting of water heater

Fitting of water heater

If your heater is leaking, there is nothing to worry for leaks can be fixed easily without much trouble. There are only three places which can cause a leak, namely, the tank, pipes or the drain valve. Out of all the others, the drain valve is the most easiest to fix for it will require you to tighten a screw and that is it. In case the pipes are the reason for the leaks, take a good look of the fittings and tighten each one of them individually. Finally, if your tank is leaking, this is a major expense for you will need to replace the tank with a new one.

Secondly if your water is too hot or too cold regardless of the temperature you set, there may be a problem with your relief valve. This part is responsible to shut off the heating once the water is heated at the desired temperature. Replacing the relief valve is dangerous for your tank may blow up in case the pressure builds up. For this reason, calling a professional or a plumbing mechanic is best. He will guide you or may conduct the repair himself.

If your heater’s pilot light keeps turning off, there is most likely¬† a problem with the orifice. Clear away any dirt or debris that may be around it. As an alternate the thermocouple can also be faulty. However the best thing about this is that it is not too difficult to repair and you can do it yourself too.

In addition to this, if your heater is not giving you enough hot water, your heating element may need to be fixed. Since the repair of this can be very expensive, it is recommended that you buy a new one. Despite of all these repairs if you feel that a new heater is needed, head to the water heater stores and buy one which suits your needs best. However, you should make sure that the new unit is similar in size to the old one so that it can fit in the place meant for it.

Cutting down the  water heater repair cost is completely in your hand. If you manage its working well you will not have to pay as much and the life of the heater will be extended as well. When buying replacement parts or hiring a plumbing mechanic, ensure that you research the market and do not end up paying more. When a repair is needed, the best thing to do is to contact the manufacturer who will give you the most appropriate guidance. The proper the maintenance, the lower will be your repair costs for the unit.