How much Should be the Cost of Water Heater Installation?

Without a water heater life is certainly hard. Trembling in the shower under cold running water is the last thing you would want to experience on a snowy, winter morning. When talking about water heaters, its maintenance is important. Once the time for a replacement has arrived, you can either do the installation yourself or hire a specialized person to do the job for you at a per hour or per day rate. Most companies suggests than an average life span of a water heater ranges somewhere between eight to twelve years which means you might need a new one after that. In the lines that follow, you will be provided information on the cost of water heater installation for various types of heaters. Let’s get started!

Fitting of water  heater

Fitting of water heater

The actual costs to install a new heater or replace the old one, regardless if it’s a conventional unit or a tank-less heater, vary greatly. Reputable companies exhibit that it can cost anywhere between $700 to $2000 for a water heater installation. It is also said that without seeing the installation site, it is difficult to make a decision as to how much will it cost. The cost chiefly depends on the type of installation which is generally different for each unit installed. Other factors such as current type of unit in use, the unit it is being replaced with and the update required to bring the model to the current code also determine what a certain installation might cost. The 50-gallon heater is the most common and preferable choice among customers. If you are looking to install this type of a water heater, the cost will range somewhere between $900 to $1700.

Installing  it by own can be a dangerous task and most installation companies have found improperly installed heaters at most sites. For this reason, getting a licensed professional to do the work for you is a far better option. When installing an electric water heater, you may be dealing with approximately 240 volts of electricity. However in case of a gas model, any leakage of gas can cause serious catastrophes to the house and the people living therein.

The installation cost for energy efficient heaters such as the tank-less or on-demand heaters is a little higher. In case of an on-demand unit, the average cost will lie in between $3200-$4500. Tank-less heaters on the other hand begin from $2800 and end at $3800. Moreover the time an installation takes also varies with the type of unit you are looking to install.

The cost of water heater installation should be determined by contacting several companies who you think are reliable and provide correct information. Some companies may charge you over the top while others may have a fixed rate. It is therefore important to evaluate your options before making a final decision. When you hire a licensed person to do the installation, it is not only safe but also minimizes the risk of future hazards due to improper installation. For this reason, professional installation services are best in all aspects.

These professional individuals are trained for their job and know exactly what to do in what situation. It is therefore advised that you should not conduct the installation yourself. In the attempt to save some money, you may risk the safety of yourself and of all the others living with you.

TrendCost Charge$645.76$911.78$519.84
Alabama5% lower$613.43$860.78$494.78
Alaska15% Higher$742.54$1,045.78 $600.34
Arizona8% Higher$694.75$1,005.45 $580.34
Arkansas7% lower$600.45$856.78$485.67
California11% Higher$720.56$1,020.67 $571.67
Colorado6% lower$599.67$820.67$487.34
Connecticut3% Higher$660.23$940.45$539.76
Delaware 9% Higher$711.56$1,000.56 $568.89
Florida2% lower$630.56$892.67$509.56
Georgia 6% Higher$690.44$960.34$556.78
Hawaii3% lower$620.99$883.67$500.34
Idaho10% Higher$736.56$888.56$581.34
Illinois11% lower$560.44$800.45$467.67
Indiana7% Higher$702.66$980.45$553.89
Iowa4% Higher$680.56$952.67$545.56
Kansas2% lower$630.56$894.56$509.56
Kentucky1% lower$636.66$900.45$513.67
Louisiana9% Higher$711.56$1,000.56 $568.89
Maine8% lower$593.66$834.67$487.89
Maryland13% Higher$736.45$1,024.67 $588.98
Massachusetts12% Higher$732.45$1,010.45 $581.67
Michigan3% lower$620.99$883.67$500.34
Minnesota9% lower$565.89$820.45$476.78
Mississippi 4% Higher$680.56$952.67$545.56
Missouri6% Higher$690.44$960.34$556.78
Montana9% lower$582.56$820.45$476.78
Nebraska3% Higher$660.23$940.45$539.76
Nevada3% Higher$660.23$940.45$539.76
New Hampshire5% lower$613.43$860.78$494.78
New Jersey5% Higher$687.98$954.78$547.98
New Mexico9% Higher$711.56$1,000.56 $568.89
New York11% lower$530$800.34$560.98
North Carolina4% Higher In$680.56$952.67$545.56
North Dakota6% Higher$690.44$960.34$556.78
Ohio 8% lower$593.66$940.56$487.89
Oklahoma4% lower$622.30$872.45$494.67
Oregon 7% Higher$701.45$980.45$553.89
Pennsylvania 6% lower$599.67$962.67$487.98
Rhode Island3% Higher$660.23$940.45$539.76
South Carolina4% lower$622.30$883.67$494.67
South Dakota13% Higher$736.45$1,056.34 $588.98
Tennessee10% Higher$745.10$1,011.34 $570.90
Texas7% lower$600.89$856.78$485.67
Utah8% Higher$694.75$984.56$567.89
Vermont7% lower$600.89$856.78$487.98
Virginia13% Higher$736.45$1,056.34 $579.56
Washington15% Higher$780.21$1,090.67 $590.67
West Virginia11% Higher$753.66$1,020.56 $611.67
Wisconsin5% lower$613.43$860.78$553.89
Wyoming4% Higher$680.56$952.67$545.56