How to Install Tank-less Water Heater? How Much it Costs?

Waters heaters play an important role in your house. One main type of heaters is the tank-less heating system which gives you hot water just as you need it. Also known as on-demand heaters, tank-less models are excellent when you need to cut down heating expenses on your bill. Not only will it enable you to conserve energy, tank-less water heaters will also bring help you eliminate the problems caused by heat loss when using a traditional system. Here is how you can install a tank-less water heater without much trouble. In the following lines you will also be informed about the tank-less water heater cost:

EcoSmart 11 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart 11 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater

Tank-less water heating units are high-tech and involve a modern system unlike the conventional ones installed in most homes. These heaters will come equipped with modern day technology such as electro mechanical valves, flow regulators, microprocessors and temperature sensors. Although buying a tank-less model is not a difficult job, installing it can certainly be one.

Installation of a tank-less heater if done right can increase its efficiency and make it last long. If you are looking to do the same, hiring a professional for installation is the ideal choice. However, you must know that proper installation is influenced by a number of factors which should be considered. Common factors include climate, building space, safety measures, code requirements and fuel type. When you are selecting a contractor to do the install for you, you must do the following:

  • Ask for estimated costing in writing
  • Look for references
  • Inquire with the heater’s manufacturer for a contractor

In case you are looking to do the installation yourself, contacting the manufacturer first is important. This is because manufacturers have the instruction manuals and will probably provide the guidance you need to install your tank-less heating unit all by yourself.

Some people may look at hiring a contractor as an additional cost which is why they might as well carry on with the installation themselves. However, a professional always has better knowledge and will be able to do the job in much less time. Tank-less waters heater come in two types, namely electric and gas tank-less water heaters. When installing an electric model, you may need a plumber and an electrician both. The plumbing mechanic will take care of the water connections while the electrician will look after the wiring necessary for the functioning of your heater.

Since gas tank-less heaters either work with propane or natural gas therefore installing them may require a different set of skills altogether. You may have to look into the state’s licensing department to find someone for installation who is licensed by the state. Hiring someone otherwise can propose risks and hazards of unsafe installation. This way you may save some money by doing the installation yourself, however it is not a profitable deal for the long run.

In addition to this, you must also remember that there are countless people who pose to be experts at plumbing and installation. For this reason, be very careful when selecting a contractor for installing your system. Moreover, once the unit is installed, it will bring you benefits for life. To give you an idea of what the tank-less water heater installation cost will be here is an estimation. The installation and supplies together will range between $300 to $800.

Tank-less models are facing high demand chiefly because of their efficiency in cutting down your expenses. Therefore you should be prepared to spend a little more. If you need to extend the life of your heating system, installing a tank-less model is a top choice.