How To Replace An Electric Water Heater?

Every electrical appliance has a life span. In order to use that appliance to its maximum life we have to take care of it. Although warranty serves us good but usually machines get problem after their warranty expires. In particular, things that have relation with water are likely to get problems and have to be mended. Electric water heater is one of appliances that need to be replaced after a period of time. No matter how much you care for it, you will have to replace it after 8 years. Maximum life span for water furnaces be it electrical or gas, is 10 to 12 years. Mostly they don’t live up to that much time. No matter how much carefully you use your unit, due to interaction with water and circuit base, they get stuck, or break at some point.

Most famous problems that people complain about for them is they no more heat water up to desired temperature. Another problem is that it is not opening or water outflow has stuck due to some unknown reasons. To provide simple solution for these problems is to call a technician or plumber who knows how to mend these. Electrical ones mainly have issues with their circuit or water flow inlets. These problems occur due to filtration. When your tank is filled with residuals and sediments, they flow in to water heater too. Hence the problem is, blocking the water to flow with passage of time. Another reason that electrical ones need to be repaired or replaced is their heating system. Due to constant interaction with water, the electrical chipset or battery can have problems. Simple way to solve it is to call the company and ask for technician who installed it in first place.

If you are wondering about how to replace electric water heater, than my advice is not to try it yourself. If you do not have know how of electrical appliances than trying to mend the electric heater can cause further problems. On other hand if you think you can do it, take out the manual of that heater. Mostly manuals have the information about installation and replacement process of electrical heater.

If you’re electrical heater has proved to be well according to your needs than try buying another to replace form same company. Although the installation team will do the work for you but if you are enthusiastic about replacing it yourself then buying it again from same company will help you. Mostly these electrical heaters have a water valve for water inflow and outflow. Secondly a circuit panel consists of thermostat and on/off switch button is for you to consider. Make sure that you have turned the circuit breaker for heater connection and water valve off before replacing it. Mishaps can take place if you haven’t taken care of water or electrical supply.

Next thing for you to do is remove the old unit and turn on the water valve. This way all the residual and waste sediments will flow out, clearing the path for water to flow fluently. After that close the water valve and install the new electrical unit the way older one was placed. Keeps manuals open at that time is always helpful. Mainly you will have to attach water inflow and outflow valves and then connect electrical supply.

Test before the final usage. See! Your problem of how to replace an electric water heater is resolved in minutes.

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