How To Stop Leakage Of Water Heater From Bottom And Top

Fixing a leakage problem in a water heater can range from easy to tough.  Many people think that the only solution to stop the leakage problem is to replace the entire heater. This is not necessary all the time.  There are many parts on the top and the bottom of the oven that can cause leakage and can be replaced even. So if you ever face a hot water heater leak problem, then you need to know how stop the leak.

Water leakage

Water leakage

Stopping Leak From The Top Of The Heater

The very first place to look for the leakage is the top of the heater. There is a drip of on the top of the heater that can easily start leaking and it may look like that the leak is coming from inside the tank. This is the reason it is important to see for the leak on the top of the heater.  Take a ladder if needed and look for the leak on the top of the heater first. Check the flex lines carefully that are going in the heater. Usually the flex lines cause majority of the leaks. These flexes go bad and can leak.  If you see insulation near the flexes lines, then remove it and inspect it. Replace them if there is a need. Before you remove and remove the flexes, make sure that you have shut off the water. Also, close the hot water before you remove them.

Another place on the top of the water heater to look for leakage is heater nipples.  It is another place to look for the leak on the top of the heater. The threads placed on the nipples usually have a leak in them. To find a leak in them can be a tough task compared to finding a leak in the flex line.  It would be a tough thing to remove the heater nipples and will need some leverage and a pipe wrench.  Before removing, make sure you have shut the hot water.

Stopping The Leak From The Bottom of Heater

Another common place for the leak in the heater is at the bottom. The drain valve is the place where the leaking takes place. After you have drained the heater or flushed it, it is very common that the drain valve does not shut back completely. To stop the leaking from the drain valve, you can either cap it with a hose cap or replace the drain valve with a new one. To do this, you will shut the hot water and drain the heater to disconnect the valve.

Therefore, this way you will be able to stop hot water heater leak from bottom and top easily and by yourself. If you ever witness leaking in your heater, then look at the top and the bottom for the leakage and then decide on what to do.  You will not need to replace the entire heater to stop the leakage if the leakage can be stopped completely.