Is Gas Water Heater Is Costly Then Tankless Gas Water Heater

Tankless Gas water heaters are getting common now as they offer a lot of advantages and convenience to the users. As the tankless water heaters have been introduced, the demand for tank heaters have reduced largely.  There are several reasons for this. The tank heaters are usually larger like 40 gallons or 52 gallons. Whereas, the tankless heaters have no size issue as the size is unlimited. You get unlimited supply of hot water from tankless heaters. The cost factor is in the favor of the tank heaters as a typical unit costs $330, whereas a typical unit of a tankless heater will cost around $700 to $1000. The life expectancy of a tank gas heater is around 12 years and the life expectancy of a water heater with a tank is about 20 years. The annual operating costs both the heaters are almost the same that is around $250.

Therefore, a gas water heater is not costly compared to the tankless heater, but does not provide much benefits as the a water heater without a tank does.  The advantages include:

  • Long-term savings on energy: Although a tankless heater costs more at the start, it costs less in the operating costs as it consumes less energy. It only heats when you need the hot water instead of continuously heating the water in the tank.  Even if you have high needs of hot water, you will notice a great amount of savings in the long term. If you want quick hot water at the taps, then you should install a recirculation system and use the aquastat to decrease the heat loss.
  • Continuous supply of hot water: There is no limit in the amount of hot water in the tankless heaters. You can get as much hot water as you want. This means that you get the hot water whenever you want.
  • It doesn’t require much space: Tankless heaters do not require much space and can be mounted on walls easily.  They take less space on the walls even.
  • No water damage: Since there is no tank to store the water, this means that are no chances of the water being damaged because fitting failures or rupture.
  • Many new tankless heaters come with the ability to control the temperature with the help of a bypass valve fitted in the unit.

However, there are few disadvantages of tankless water heaters as well.

  • The startup cost of installing a tankless heater is high compared to a tank water heater. If you replace an old heater with a tankless heater, then the installer might have to increase the electrical wiring size.
  • You will have to wait longer for the water to heat up. As it only heats the water on the demand, it takes time for the water to heat.

Therefore, tankless water heaters have more advantages then disadvantages. Despite being expensive, they provide great advantages compared to tank heaters.



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