List Of Common Water Heater Gallon Available In

Water heaters come in different sizes catering all sorts of uses. If you are buying a heater for yourself or your family, then you need to know the different sizes water furnace will gallons come in. This would make it easy for you to determine the perfect size according to your use.

20 Gallon Water heater

A 20 gallon furnace gas or electric is made usually for single applications. Usually they are electric powered. A 20 gallon heater provides the user with several features like the ease of maintaining the heater. As it is small, it is easy to maintain. Typically heaters with such sizes come with a 6 year warranty. The warranty includes the parts and the tank and a 1 year service warranty. The warranty periods may vary depending on the company you are buying from.  These heaters come with factory fitted pressure and temperature relief valve.  There is also a single element of 2,000 watt. It needs an electrical connection of 120 volt for installation.  The less size means space saving and is perfect for placement in bathrooms and kitchens. It can also be placed on the wall.

40 Gallon Water heater

A 40 gallon heater is perfect for a family of 3 to 4 person and is the most common sized type of furnace used by people.  It supplies a great quantity of hot water  for a home that has 2 bathrooms. Since it is a larger sized heater, it comes with 4500 watt elements. It also comes with factory fitted pressure and temperature relief valve. There is also a automatic thermostat that lets the water stay at a particular temperature of your choice.

75 Gallon Water heater

A heater of a storage capacity 75-Gallon is a large one that is perfect for providing water to several applications in your house. Usually these are gas powered as they require time to heat the water.  It is an ideal heater for families that are large, and that take a long time in the shower. The recovery rate of the heater is 75.8 GPH at a temperature of 90-degree Fahrenheit.  There are also added features like overheating protection and automatic shut off. These features provided enhanced safety to the users Most of the times, they are also maintenance free as there are no filters placed that have to be cleaned.

Water furnaces come in these usual sizes. There are other sizes available as well for all sorts of uses. You just have to determine the hot water usage at your place and then buy water heater with gallons. It is said that you should buy the heater of more size than recommended as the usage can vary according to the lifestyle of your family. So it is a better idea to buy a heater that has a bigger size than it is recommended for you. Many companies are manufacturing best of the best as the competition is getting stronger and stronger day by day.