Reasons Why Gas Water Heater Leak from Top

Is your water heater experiencing leakage? Worry not! Fixing water heater leaks is not a hard task as long as it does not require a complete replacement of the unit. Moreover, there can be more than one reason why your heater is leaking. Therefore always inspect your heater thoroughly before you contact an expert to fix it. Below are most common reasons why your Gas water heater is leaking from the top:

Most people confuse condensation as a leak. If you are finding water on the ground around where the unit is installed, relax there is a possibility that it is not a leak. This happens because the water tank is holding hot water which causes the tank to experience condensation. As a result of this water droplets may drip making it appear as if the heater itself is leaking. Since this is not actually  a problem, check your heater thoroughly before getting the plumbing mechanic to fix an issue which was never there in the first place.

Water leakage

Water leakage

If the issue is not the one mentioned above then chances are that your heater is actually leaking. This time it can be the drain valve. If you are sure that it is the drain valve, fixing this is as simple as tightening the screw using a wrench. It may sound easy but it is actually true. The drain valve screw is often left loose which makes the heater leak. If you have found the same issue, tighten the screw one extra bit and your job is done. Phew!

The main issue of water leaks arises when the water tank is leaking. When installing a heater, you should realize, that the tank of the unit has a limited life and can damage before time if not properly maintained. If your heater does not have the best corrosion protection, your tank is more likely to leak before it is even time for maintenance. If the water provided by the heater is rusty, buying a new heater is the most feasible option because replacing the tank is actually more expensive than the previous option.

In case your heater has none of the issues mentioned earlier, there is a chance that the leak is coming from the pipes. Closely inspect the pipes and find the fitting which is damaged. Tighten the connections but ensure that you do not tighten it more than it is required. If the leakage still prevails, you may need to get a new pipe altogether. Do not worry, installing a new pipe is not at all difficult.

Another point where the issue of the  water heater leaking from top can occur is close to the anode rod which is inserted into the tank to protect against corrosion. You can either seal the threads with a plumber’s sealing tape or replace the rod which can be the reason for the leak. If your model is an electric one, replacing the rubber gasket is another thing you can do to stop the unit for leaking. Not all parts can be replaced on your own, therefore seek professional assistance when needed.

Finally, the inlet and outlet of water to and from the tank is another important area which may cause the leak. Since the water supply is connected using steel pipes, these may erode after certain time making the heater leak. The best thing to do in such a case is to use plastic pipes which are more durable and will not erode after time. This replacement is not a difficult job and can be done easily without the help of a plumbing mechanic. Regardless of what the leaks is about, always be careful when working with your heater.