Reviews about How Electric Water Heater is More Effective than Gas Water Heater

Electric water heater or the gas one, either way it is providing the benefit to you. However, what if one can be more efficient over the other. If you are building a new home or renovating the other, the debate of which water heater is better for you is common. Below you will find a comparison on both the types so as to know which ┬ámodel you should opt for. The factors described below will also take into account the common variables that most people consider when buying a water heater. Let’s get started!

EcoSmart 11 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart 11 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater

Energy Efficient

As understood a gas heater is actually less efficient than an electric one chiefly because of the working system it is manufactured with. The gas model is only seventy percent as efficient to the electric model. If you are looking to save energy and cut down your electricity costs, the electric water heater is the best option. An electric heater is powered by electric tanks which means only required energy is directed to heat your water hence a larger percentage of the energy is saved. When energy efficiency is under question, the electric model wins!

The Life

Once again, an electric water heater has a greater lifespan as compared to the gas one. The latter will corrode faster leading the inner proportion to wear and tear more quickly than the electric model. Moreover, the proportion of soft water in your water supply is another important factor which can lead to the quick depreciation of your heating unit. Soft water is that water which does not contain deposits of calcium so regardless of which type you install, this should also be considered.

Cost of Heaters

If saving money is your ultimate goal, a gas water heater is the ideal choice. The electric model will costs about $500 while the gas heater can be had in only $200. Since the difference is significant, a gas model is the preferred choice for those with a budget.

Installation Costs

Since an electric heater is an advanced version, the electric water heater installation costs incurred in the process are far less than those in case of a gas model. Since gas units are complex to understand and have chemicals involved in the process, hiring an appliance expert is essential. You can install the electric heater with the help of an expert too but experts are usually not hired for the electric unit.

Operation Costs

The cost of operation of the heaters largely depend on the average annual costs which are incurred to operate each type. Since no one can really predict the increase or decrease in the costs of gasoline or electricity therefore either type does not win when it comes to cost of operating them. Therefore no unit has a competitive edge of the other.

Environmentally Safe

The newer versions of the electric heaters are manufactured keeping the eco-friendly concept in mind. In this regard, electric heaters are far better for they do not emit any harmful emissions upon use. Although natural gas is a safe fossil fuel for most users, models using gas generally emit tiny carbon emissions which are harmful for human health. If you are a responsible citizen, installing an eco-friendly heater is best!

After a detailed comparison over which type of model is better, it is seen that electric heaters have more advantaged over the gas ones. However the end decision lies in the hands of the user which is you! Depending on what your budget is, you can pick the one which is most appropriate for you. Electric water heater installation is another factor which can influence your ultimate decision.