Tips To Install Gas And Electric Water Heater

Hot water heater installation can be a tough process that includes skills in soldering, tubing, cutting copper and connecting the electrical lines. There are various techniques that might take longer when you are about to install a water heater, but it will save time in the future.  You need to know the water heater installation tips so that you can save repairing costs in the future.

Set the base of the heater on blocks as this prevents the problems in the future. Put 3 or 4 concrete blocks on the floor and then place heater on top of the blocks. The blocks makes it easier for the water to drain from the heater and also gives the heater a distance from the floor.

Use a tube cutter instead of using a saw so that you can cut in clean and square shapes.  If you cut the tubing with a hand saw, then there will marks left on the tubing and it will make it tough to join the fittings properly. You should join the fittings with the acid free flux so that they are able to withstand the water pressure of the heater.

After you have cut the copper tubing to the appropriate size, clean it properly with a steel wool.  This process allows the joining flux to stick on to the surface more easily. You can also make use of the wire brush and clean the fittings inside before you join to the tubing.

When you have joined the tubing to the fittings, it is a good idea to fill the space in between the two pieces till the additional solder goes out joint bottom.  This tells that all the minute spaces are completely filled in the joint.

You can have additional union fittings on the cold and hot water sides of the heater to allow to remove the tank to be removed easily in the future.  Moreover, the union fittings will also enable you to unscrew them to easily remove the tank instead of cutting the tubing and then removing the tank.

With the help of these tips, hot water warmer fixing at your house can be easy and safe. You just have to follow each and every tip properly and then start the installation. Keep other things in mind as well like not to keep the floor wet when installing the water. Also drain out the water from the old heater if you had any so that you can remove it easily. Keep an adequate space for the heater to be installed and also keep the necessary equipments your house  so that you can install the heaters effectively.

Shut down the main power button when installing the gas heater and shutdown the gas pipe when installing the gas heater. This would make it safe for you to install without any harmful event occurring. Take all the precautionary measures and also keep a friend with you to help in lifting the oven, soldering and doing all the other tasks.