Tips to Maintain Gas Water Heater. How to Replace Anode Rod

Water heaters are made up of a variety of parts which may appear complex to the human mind. If you are getting a water heater installed, it is important to understand what are the parts it is equipped with and how can water heater maintenance be conducted. Anode rod for example is an important part of a water heater and will do most of the work when it comes to providing you with clean and hygienic water. If your heater’s anode rod has gone bad and needs a replacement, here is a complete guide on how to replace the rod without much trouble. So here we go!

First you will need to shut off the gas supply which is connected to your water heater to make it function. If yours is an electric model, do not forget to shutoff the power. This is an important step and you should not proceed unless you have closed the supply of power or gas depending on what your unit is based on. Next, you will need to shut off the water supply. Of course you do not want the water from your heater to be spilled all over the place which is why turning over the water connection is best.

If the top of your heater and the ceiling provides you enough clearance, you can easily unscrew the anode rod and remove it from the top. For the removal of the anode rod from the top, you will need ideally 3 feet to do this without any trouble. However if there is no clearance for you to conduct the removal from the top, you will need to flush out all the water from the tank first. Then loosen the anode rod a bit as it will the next step easier to complete.

Once the above steps are complete, disconnect all the pipes which may be connected to or from the heater. Then tilt the tank to remove the anode rod with ease. However before doing this, you must ensure that the rod is not articulated. In case it is articulated, you will not need to drain the tank. Either way once you have removed the old rod, replace with a fresh one and fix your water heater in the same position as it was earlier.

You can simply replace the used rod with a new one using the detailed steps mentioned above. Since a water heater is a combination of various parts, there are other parts which may need a replacement too. When fixing or doing a repair, ensure that you take care of your safety first.Water heaters can be dangerous if mishandled or dealt with improperly. For this reason, if you cannot decide what has actually gone wrong with your heater, ask for a plumbing mechanic to come over and do the job for you.

For these professionals fix countless heaters on a daily basis they have a good idea of your heater can be fixed. If you want your heater to work for long, replacing required parts and water warmer preservation is the key. Besides the regular maintenance of gas water heater, keep an eye on your heating unit for any leaks or damages which it may be facing. Taking care of your heating model will enable you to cut costs and lower your expenses to as low as possible.



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