Tips to Repair Electric and Gas Water Heater

Water heaters play an important role in a household. Besides keeping you warm, these units also provide you with hygienic water to keep you and your family happy and healthy. Buying, installing and maintaining a heater can cost a good amount of money but there are a lot of savings for you if do it the right way.  All water heaters have a certain life span after which you will need to replace the unit. However, if you are not ready to replace your unit so soon, there are several tips for water furnace revamp which you can use to extend the working life of your heater. These tips will help to save the cost, energy and water in an effective manner.

Water heaters come in a variety of different sizes and types. Some common types of units are tank-less, natural gas, electric, oil, propane gas and solar as well.  The types vary on the basis of functions and the operating costs they incur. However, regardless of what your heater type, the ways to go about cutting down your expenses are broadly the same.

First, it is important to remember that your Electric or gas water heater tank is still storing hot water even if it is not in your use. This is when it can lose heat through the tank in case it is not properly insulated. Known as the standby loss, it happens because the heater is standing by. By controlling this, you can cut your heating bill by approximately 4% to 9%. If your heater is old, use an insulation blanket to cover your heater’s tank.

Water heaters which have been manufactured several years ago are not as efficient when it comes to efficient tank insulation. In order to decide if your model is fit for an insulation jacket, just touch your tank and it should not feel warm. In the event you do feel it warm, it simply means that your tank lacks insulation and should be covered. When installing a blanket, cut it appropriately so as to fix it on the tank in such a manner that you can still see the safety markings, thermostats and the manufacturer data.

A common tip to keep your expenses in control is to use less hot water. Little things such as a leaking faucet or an old shower head are the most common ways how your hot water can be wasted. In addition to this, using Energy Star approved appliances is another way to keep your billing expenses to a minimum.

Furthermore, non-insulated pipes can raise the temperature unnecessarily thereby causing your billing expense to rise. Insulate the hot water pipes at the beginning, say for about the first 5 – 10 feet close to the heater. Use an insulation which fits your pipe’s diameter right. You can further secure the insulation with acrylic tape. Do not panic for all these tools can be easily had from a hardware store.

These are technical tips which you will need to implement to make the most out of your unit. Moreover these can help you become cost-effective when you need to save money which on your electricity bills. In addition to this, also ensure that you keep a good eye on your heater. This will help you know in case there are any problems with your unit and therefore can be solved before it can get worse. Timely maintenance is another way to keep your expenses under control.

Following simple measures like the ones mentioned above will make your water heater repair smooth and hassle free. In case a serious repair is needed, contact a professional who can do the job for you.

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