What Are The Features Of Eccotemp L5 Portable Tank Less Water Heaters?

The market is awash with many kinds of water heaters. This, however, does not mean that all of them will be suitable for your needs. When looking for a portable boiler, then the Ecotemp l5 portable water heater is the best option. This particular product has become one of the fastest selling and most popular products in the portable furnace market today. Many reasons exist for this popularity as far as the product is concerned.

Why the Ecotemp is so popular?

It is Portable

It is one thing for a company to claim that its product is portable and quite another for it to fulfill those conditions. The boiler, however, is truly portable. Unlike other products in the market, this particular one is very compact and can be carried easily from one place to another, without taking a lot of space. In fact, the actual stove comes just under 14 pounds making it quite easy for you to carry.

Because of its portability, the boiler under this particular brand is useful for camping situations. You will be able to use it to get that hot shower that you so desperately want. All you have to do is attach a shower head to the heater, and you are ready to go. You can even carry it outside every easily and wash your pets, if you hate doing that indoors.

It is Electricity-Independent

It is easy for you to get a hot shower when the electricity is on. When nature rebels, however, electricity is at times the first thing to go. Unless you are willing to take a cold shower, then you have to think of other alternatives. This is where the l5 boiler comes in.

The stove can be used independent of electricity. It makes use of 2D cell batteries to produce energy that will be used to heat your water instantly. Alternatively, you can use a separate liquid propane fuel source for heating purposes.

The fact that it uses automatic ignition means that you will not waste your energy because the water will be heated as it comes. This means that your energy source can be used for heating your water for a very long time.

Because the Ecotemp boiler is capable of being operated without electricity as a source of energy, it is very appropriate in areas where there are frequent power shortages. In fact, the water heater comes in very handy for use by people who live off the grid by choice because they would prefer to remain as independent as possible.

It is Versatile

In addition to being portable and electricity independent, the portable furnace under the Ecotemp l5 brand is very versatile. Not only can it be attached to a showerhead for bathing, but it can also be attached to other modified water systems. These include a pressure washer. It even has a garden horse adapter than enables it to be used with a garden horse. The heater is therefore useful for many situations that require the use of hot water on both humans and pets.


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