What Should Be Preventive Measure To Stop Water Leaking From Bottom

Leaking in the water heaters is a common problem and takes place every now or often. The problem gets bigger if you do not do anything about it. Leaking from the bottom of the water heater happens very often.  The drain valves at the bottom are prone to breakage and leaking.  The leaking in the drain valves wastes the energy and also ruins the floor. If you do not take any preventive measure against the leaking from the bottom, then it will cost you a lot.

Firstly, turn off the electric or gas supply to the heater. If it is an electric heater, then turn over the circuit breaker from its position. If it is a gas heater, then switch the pilot control to the pilot setting.

Then the drain valve shall be connected to the garden hose and the water should be drained.  To quicken the process of draining, switch on the nearest water faucet.

Then make use of a plumbing wrench to remove the old drain valve. Place the wrench tightly on the valve and then move it counterclockwise to lose it. This will back off the valve from the valve nipple. Then use the plumbing tape to protrude the nipple and wrap it tightly so that the threads underneath are revealed.  Avoid using a defective or a crinkled tape, as it will cause the new valve to leak as well.

Then take out the old valve and put in the new brass valve that is ¾ inch. Connect the threaded part of the valve on the nipple of the valve and move it clockwise until the valve is tight. Then make use of the plumbing wrench to tighten the valve further.

Switch on the cold water supply to the heater and allow the tank to fill for at least 10 minutes. Check the ball valve for any sort of leakage while the tank is being filled. If you notice any such thing, then stop the water supply and tighten the valve again. Continue the process until there are no leaks.  Fill the entire tank and switch on the energy supply.

This way you will be able to stop the leaking from the base of the water heater.  Be careful with all the steps mentioned above and any negligence in the steps will cause the new valve to leak again. Never ignore if the heater is leaking from the bottom as it will cause the bottom of the heater to get rusty and will result in you putting more money for the repair. It is better to act before then to pay more and replace the entire heater.

Water heater leaks from other places as well like temperature relief valve or the top of the heater.  The replacement process at these places vary and also the cost.  At times you can fix the leakage in the heaters yourself and if the leaking continues, then call a professional and get it fixed.


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