Working of Solar Water Heater, Where it can Work Best

When looking for a water heater, gas and electric models are common and heard of everyday. However, as technology evolves, the technology in water heaters has changed too.  Solar water heaters are the latest innovation when it comes to heating units. Although the initial purchase is tough and can be felt more like a burden but solar models can prove to be highly environmental friendly and cost effective too. When buying a solar model, it is important that you compare the different types which are available to you and which one would work well in your home. On average, solar heaters help you save 50 – 80 percent of the fuel cost.

As already understood, solar heaters make use of sunlight to warm water. The heater is equipped with two major components; a solar collector and a storage tank. The collector is responsible to collect radiations from the sun and turn it to heat. The storage tank is also simple to understand. It holds water like in all other types of heaters.  These units are broadly categorized into two, namely active and passive.

An active heater controls and moves water around with the help of electrical pumps. Passive heaters on the other hand use the natural forces only. This means passive ones are simpler and easier to understand. However, that is not it. Active and passive models are then broken down into further categories. The main types of passive systems are Batch and Thermosiphon whereas the types of active models are Direct, Indirect and Drainback. The costs of both models is high, however the benefits provided by both are worth the investment.

If you are deciding to install a solar heater in your house, you must first look at the benefits it will bring to you. Installing a solar model will cut down your electricity bill by a significant amount. This means the electricity used to heat your water will be cut down by half. Moreover, this will cause a reduction in pollution as well. In addition to this, with a solar heater installed you will get an extra price for your house when you plan to sell it. In other words, adding a solar heater is going to add value to your home and for the next occupants too.

When bringing a solar water heater to your home, there are a few things you should consider first. If you are living in a location which remains cold round the year, solar heater may not be the right thing for you. Moreover, before buying a solar model, it is important that you create an efficient setup. The place where you will install your heater should be mounted and have significant exposure to sun. Furthermore, if your area is prone to earthquakes then a solar model can become too heavy for your house because such areas are restricted to have any roof mounted equipment.

Besides the efficiency of solar water heaters, you must also look at the amount of water you actually need so as to choose a heater which has a storage tank suitable to your needs. Also check the prices before finalizing the deal. This way you will have the best solar heater in the best possible price. Water heaters satisfy a big need after all you do not want to freeze under a cold shower.

Regardless of which type of water heater you use, maintenance can help you extend the life of your unit. Therefore keep a close eye on your water heater and make any repairs where necessary. Not maintaining your heater can cause to buy a new one altogether so maintenance is essential!